Thursday 22 November 2018

Episode 2: The Acousmatic Voice

Aristotle; [Roland not Raymond] Barthes; authenticity; technological mediation [noo-muh n]; embodiment; cyborg intimacy; soft coercion; end.

 The Beach Boys, “You Still Believe in Me” (vocal take)
 Drake, “Brand New” (DJ Paypal edit)
 Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun, “Khaian”
 Alvin Lucier, “I Am Sitting in a Room” (edit)
 Patchfinder, “Seksi Trip Advisor” (feat Vera Modena)
 Diamanda Galas, “I Put A Spell on You”
 Wayne Shorter, “Dindi” (edit)
 Michael Jackson, “They Don’t Really Care About Us” (Chino Amobi remix)
 Henny Moan, "Residue"
 Holger Czukay, “Boat Woman Song” (edit)
 Mariah, “Shinzo No Tobira”
 Juliana Barwick, “Envelop”
 Bruce Haack, “Electric to Me Turn”
 Diamond Hearted Black Boy, “1984”
 Joe Meek, “I Hear a New World”
 Lata Mangeshkar, “Mere Jeevan Saathi”

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