Wednesday 21 November 2018

Episode 3: Acceleration/Repetition

Pessimism; machinic self-dissolution; periodising musical entropy; frustrated temporality; subalternity & repetition; rhythmic irregularity; 'avant-pop' as hyper-work & hyper-consumption; relations of (re)production.

Sophie, "BIPP"
Nidia Minaj, "House Kaliente - w/ DJ Olifox"
Chris Lee (Li Yuchin), "Only You"
Slug Christ, "My Chain - Slugged Out Gucci Mane"
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez, "Bloc Party"
Jessy Lanza, DJ Spinn, Taso, "You Never Show Your Love"
Albert Ayler, "Truth is Marching In"
Black Sheep, "Similak Child"
David Borden, "For Laurie Spiegel"
OneohTrix Point Never, "Chrome Country"
Pierre Boulez, "2 commentaire I - de Bourreaux" (edit)
Holly Herndon, "An Exit"
VIsionist, "Vffected"

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