Monday 19 November 2018

Episode 4: Exoticism & Appropriation: the New 'World Music'

The will to hybridity; explorers and copyright; colonial violence; romanticism and innocence; pastiche and capitalism; cultural authoritarianism.

Francois Bebey, New Track
Ifang Bondi, Atis-A-Tis
Ata Kak, Obaa Simba
Silverio Urbino,  Suspiros (DJ Yadex edit)
Obi Onyioha, Enjoy Your Life
Alemu Aga, Abatatchen Hoy
Baris Manco, 2023
Polisario, Untitled
Arthur Verocai, No Boca do Sol
Witch, I Can Do Without You
Choun Vanna, Tho Thea Youm Chlong
Amanaz, Khala My Friend

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