Tuesday 30 May 2017

Episode 20: An Organic Adornment

Geographer of sound Anja Kanngieser joins Paul Rekret for a discussion of the growing use of field recording in pop and dance music in recent years.

Peter Mannferfelt, Mambuti Pygmy flutes
Kink Gong, Kavet Lalai 1
Robert Belmont (aka ‘The Human Bird’)
Some birds
Black Merlin, Wave
Anthony Child, Waiting and Watching
18+, Crow
Some crows
Balam Acab, Fragile Hope
Edgar Froese, Maroubra Bay
Ariel Karma, Rainy Day
Joel Graham, Geomancy
Ernest Hood, August Haze
Patrick Cowley, The Jungle Dream
Simon Fisher Turner, Into Bush
Ariel Karma, Merry Forest
Aine O’Dwyer, An Unkindness of Ravens
Joanna Brouk, Playing in the Water
Steve Halpern, Dawn