Monday 24 April 2017

Episode 19: Noise and Capitalism

A discussion and music revolving around the book Noise and Capitalism with its co-editor Anthony Iles.  Anthony discusses the book's emergence out of a London noise scene, the potentials that the music opened and also its limitations, and the very notion of noise as a genre itself.

Anthony Iles is currently a doctoral candidate at the School of Art & Design, Middlesex University and a contributing editor with Mute / Metamute and Cesura//Acceso magazines. He is the author, with Josephine Berry Slater, of the book, No Room to Move: Art and the Regenerate City (Mute Books, 2011), editor of the recent publication, Anguish Language: Writing and Crisis (Archive Books, 2015), and contributor to Brave New Work: A Reader on Harun Farocki's Film A New Product. Recent essays have been published in Radical Philosophy, Rab-Rab: Journal for Political and Formal Inquiries in Art and Logos.

DJ Scud, "Next One Dead (Outronoise by Nomex)"
Throbbing Gristle, "Very Friendly"
Sarcomasine Bloc, "Internecine Slakes"
DJ Scud, "Each One Teach One"
The Bug, "WWW (feat. Mexican)"
Luc Ferrrari, "Musique Socialiste ou Programme Commun Pour Clavecin Amplifie et Bande Mechanique"
Evan Parker, Keith Rowe, Barry Guy, Eddie Prévost, "Supercession"
To Live and Shave in LA, "Ideas Make Men Hard"
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, "Fur Scheide Schnecke und Rassiermesser"
Movement Soul: Live Recordings of Songs and Sayings from the Freedom Movement in the Deep South"