Tuesday 13 November 2018

Episode 18: Alpha, Isis, Eden by Laura Oldfield Ford and Jack Latham

This month, Alpha, Isis, Eden, a sound work produced by Laura Oldfield Ford and Jack Latham as part of an installation with the same title at Showroom gallery, London, February - March, 2017.

From the Showroom's notes:
"...a new sound work, made in collaboration with sound engineer and producer Jack Latham, using field recordings taken by Oldfield Ford during experimental, critically-engaged walks or 'derives' in the area. Mapping the psychic contours of the urban environment through her subjective experience, Oldfield Ford also draws on her personal history of working in the area in the public care and social welfare sectors, as well as on time she spent in subcultural scenes as a squatter and political activist."

Laura Oldfield Ford, Savage Messiah, London: Verso, 2011.
Mark Fisher, "Introduction", Savage Messiah, London: Verso, 2011.
Laura Oldfield Ford, "Jam City, Dream of a Garden - A Deriv - London - May 1st 2015"
Laura Oldfield Ford, "Spectral Developments - Haunted Schemes", Art Review, April 2015.
Jack Latham w/ Dan Barrow, "Invisible Jukebox: Jam City", The Wire, September 2015.

Jam City, "The Garden Thrives"
Rich Gang, "Givenchy" (instrumental)
Laura Oldfield Ford & Jack Latham, "Alpha, Isis, Eden"