Friday, 16 November 2018

Episode 17: Black Atlantis

This month a recording of a live performance of Black Atlantis, The End of Eating Everything, an audio-visual essay produced by Ayesha Hameed in collaboration with Tom Hirst.

Recorded live at the Empire Remains shop in London in November 2016, Black Atlantis looks at possible afterlives of the Black Atlantic: in illegal migration at sea, in oceanic environments, through Afrofuturistic dancefloors and soundsystems, and in outer space – taking as its point of departure the group Drexciya’s sonic fictional world, it brings together ideas around afrofuturism and ecological crises and the related concept of the anthropocene. 

Black Atlantis combines two conversations - afrofuturism and the anthropocene. It takes as point of departure Drexciya, the late 20th century electronic music duo from Detroit, and their creation of a sonic, fictional world. Through liner notes and track titles, Drexciya take the Black Atlantic below the water with their imaginary of an Atlantis comprised of former slaves who have adapted to living underwater. This wetness brings to the table a sense of the haptic, the sensory, the bodily, and the epidermal. What below-the-water, and Atlantis brings back is the bottom of the sea, the volume of the water, the materiality of the space of the ocean, and other protagonists that inhabit the sea. 

This third instalment ‘The End of Eating Everything’// Black Atlantis III follows Bodies and Storms// Black Atlantis I; and Agitations and Adaptations// Black Atlantis II. It takes its title from a work by Wangechi Mutu which shows a monstrous form of consumption underwater. ‘The End of Eating Everything’ considers what Drexciyans might consume underwater, what things are consuming each other around them and what boundaries might be eroded between the what’s and the who’s of what is being eaten. 

With contributions from: Rachel Baker, Sam Dolbear, Lizzie Homersham, Marie Louise Krogh, Bijan Moosavi, Christian Nyampeta, Theodor Ringborg, Nikhil Vettukattil, Marina Vishmidt.


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