Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Episode 28: Vito Ricci and Seance Centre's Brandon Hocura

On this episode the legendary NYC composer Vito Ricci and Brandon Hocura, co-founder of the Invisible Cities reissue label and founder of Seance Centre, the label that recently issued My Little Life, a collection of short stories accompanied by musical compositions written and performed by Vito.

While Brandon contextualises Vito's work within the broader context of Seance Centre's project of reissuing both music and literature, especially poetry, Vito discusses his recent career renaissance through the reissue of his material, how working for theater, dance, and poetry shaped his work, and his time with free jazz legends Rashied Ali, Ornette Coleman, and others.

Vito Ricci, in Vietnam circa 1960s

 Vito Ricci & Lise Vachon at the launch of My Little Life, NYC 2017

 Vito Ricci & Lise Vachon at the launch of My Little Life, NYC 2017

Vito Ricci, The Ship Was Sailing
Beverly-Glenn Copeland, Slow Dance
Vito Ricci, Bump Em
Vito Ricci, Kham Duc
Vito Ricci, I'm At That Party Right Now
Vito Ricci, Yours
Vito Ricci, Dong
Vito Ricci, Dub It
Vito Ricci, I Am Silent
Eblen Macari, Planetarios Suite