Monday 27 November 2017

Episode 26: Experimental Music in China with Edward Sanderson

On the occasion of the Zoomin Nights and End of the Alphabet Records co-release of the compilation There is No Music From China (compiled by Yan Jun & Zhu Wenbo), I discuss the Chinese experimental music and sound art scene with curator and researcher Edward Sanderson.

Edward Sanderson is a researcher and writer about contemporary art in China. He lives and works mainly in China and most recently, curated 'Grounds for Sound' at Inside - Out Art Museum in Beijing. He blogs about Chinese visual and sound art here.  

-Flower [Wang Zhipeng] - Flower Crash (from ‘ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN’ by Various Artists, on playreclabel 2017)
-Jun-y Ciao - Vibration No​.​1129 (from ‘there is no music from china’ by Various Artists, on Zoomin' Night/ End of the Alphabet Records 2017) 
-Isan - Music for Gallery (from ‘Music For Museum’ by Various Artists, on Sub Jam 2008)-Fiona Lee - Delight (from ‘walking in a daze’ by Fiona Lee, self-published 2016)
-Yao Qingmei - Internationale (from ‘there is no music from china’ by Various Artists, on Zoomin Nights/End of the Alphabet 2017)…/there-is-no-music-from-c…

-Dancing Stone (Nelson Hui (flute) + Ling Lee (voice)) - Two (from ‘An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992–2008’ by Various Artists, on Sub Rosa 2009)…/an-anthology-of-chinese-experimen…
-718 [Sun Lei] - Music for Bathroom (from ‘Music For Museums’ by Various Artists, on Sub Jam 2008)
-Hsia Yu & Yan Jun - We Came This Way to Know the Evening (from ‘7 Poems And Some Tinnitus’ by Hsia Yu and Yan Jun, on Sub Jam 2016)…/7-poems-and-some-tinnitus
-Yan Jun - Wormhole Trip (from ‘Wormhole Trip OST’ by Yan Jun, on The Shop + Sub Jam/Kwanyin Records 2009)
-Wang Fan - 噪声时代 (from ‘内心的噪音 Noises Inside’ by Various Artists, on Sub Jam 2001)
-Sheng Jie - 一只鸟死了 (from ‘Nine​-​dimensional space’ by playreclabel 2017)…/nine-dimensional-space


Image: Li Weisi (left), at Miji Concert 15: Family Impro Committee, At Yan Junʼs apartment, Beijing, 28 August 2013

no performance (Zhu Wenbo, Sean Lee), At fRUITYSPACE, Beijing, 23 February 2017

VAVABOND And Li Jianhong, Zoomin Night, at Sanyuanqiao Underpass, Beijing, 26 October 2015

TORTURING NURSE, Sally Can't Dance Festival, at School Bar, Beijing, 7 November 2015

Sun Wei, Miji Concert 32, at Meridian Space, Beijing, 9 January 2016

Jason Kahn and Yan Jun, Zoomin Night, at Sanyuanqiao Underpass, Beijing, 22 March 2016

Zhao Cong, Miji Concert 36 at Meridian Space, Beijing, 29 June 2016

Gao Jiafeng, ⼀一个即兴的周三, at fRUITYSPACE, Beijing, 6 July 2016

(left to right) Yan Yulong, Sheng Jie, Ding Chenchen, Miji Concert 39, at Meridian Space, Beijing,  1 September 2016

Ake, Zhao Cong, Miji Concert 40, at Meridian Space, Beijing, 21 October 2016

All photos courtesy of Edward Sanderson