Thursday 10 November 2016

Episode 14: Process and Industry

On this episode  a discussion with the writer Alexei Monroe on the history, context and political desire of industrial music. From Throbbing Gristle to Laibach we discuss the divergent paths of British and Yugoslavian groups and more recent iterations of their aesthetic. Finally, we discuss the sound and visual art group Autopsia, the subject of Alexei's latest book and an exhibition at London's Horse Hospital from November 19th to 26th.

                                                                                                                             Image: Autopsia

Alexei Monroe, (ed), Test Dept: Total State Machine, PC Press, 2015.
Alexei Monroe, Interrogation Machine: Laibach and NSK, MIT Press, 2005.
Alexei Monroe, Autopsia: Thanatopolis, Divus, 2016.

Kraftwerk, Ohm Sweet Ohm
Seesselberg, Synthetik 1
Cabaret Voltaire, Spies in the Wires
Throbbing Gristle, Discipline (Live)
Front 242, Couteau
Throbbing Gristle, Hot on the Heels of Love
Test Dept., Comrade Enver Hoxha
Test Dept., Gdansk
Mario Maržidovšek, Serial Dialog
Mario Maržidovšek, Dictator
Aporea, Dzvjazdo, Javljajustaja Solnce
Laibach, F.I.A.T.
Laibach, Across the Universe
Laibach, Siemens
Laibach, Illumination
Prager Kodex, Lux Aeterna
Autopsia, Weltuntergang Theme 1 1990
Autopsia, Death and Entertainment 1988
Autopsia, The Time of Pain and of Waiting
Autopsia, Lacrimae Mundi
Autopsia, Hymn II
BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Wind-Mine Machine
Autopsia, Night Landscape III
Autopsia, Palladium - Der Reichtum Des Vielen Und Das Eine
Autopsia, 1-06 T.O. 2.0
Autopsia, Night Landscape
eSz. Berlin. Nationalhymne 2009 (Autopsia Remix)